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About QAP

Headquartered in Wrens, Georgia, QAP Centric Corporation is an information technology company providing business and quality technology solutions for national and international, regulated, and non-regulated industries. We are part of the fast-growing Central Savannah River Area cyber community. Our teams of IT experts contract with clients in areas such as manufacturing, finance, life sciences, government, and telecommunications. Our past and current client list are both global and impressive, with most of our non-government clients on the Fortune 1000 and Global 500 lists.

Decades ago, we started our business working in regulatory compliance and environmental remediation, but as we grew, so did our capabilities and the services we could offer. While once we supported only large companies, now we provide a host of additional services to small, medium, and large businesses and local, state, and federal governments. Some of those other services are cloud computing, software development and implementation, quality management, internet of things set up, blockchain programming, and more. Our teams can even support your business’s legacy programming needs.

What We Do

Business & Government Sectors

The services QAP Centric Corporation provides for our clients in the business and government sectors.

Information Technology

Our expert IT professionals team provides our clients with Programming, Software, and IT Solutions to match their needs.

Quality Management

Our team can review your systems and provide reassurance and improvement plans.

Guidance & Regulatory Environments

We can help you navigate complicated government regulations.

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QAP Centric Corporation

Technology, Quality, Training

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